Transportation from Baku Airport


There is a special "AeroExpress" bus line to the airport, which goes directly to the centre of Baku to the May 28th station.

At night you can only use taxis.

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Modern air-conditioned buses run on the AeroExpress line, stopping at Koroglu metro station and going into the city centre to the main metro transfer station 28 May and the railway station.

  • Frequency - 30 minutes
  • Journey time - 35 minutes to the centre or 15 minutes to Koroglu station
  • Last bus from the airport - 1:00
  • First bus to the airport - 6:00
  • Timetable on the airport website:

Ticket price and how to pay

The AeroExpress line has a special more expensive tariff compared to the regular public transport buses in Baku.

  • 1,30 azn - 1 trip with a reloadable BakıKart, which you can use to travel on all buses and metro in Baku (plastic card costs 2 azn).
  • 1,50 azn - 1 trip with a disposable BakıKart, which is free but you can't use it again. This option is only worthwhile if you no longer want to travel by public transport in Baku.

You can purchase a BakıKart at the machine after exiting Terminal 1 on the left. Payment can only be made in cash.

First, choose the type of card - BakıKart reusable for 2 azn is the option on the left, while the one-time card option on the right button on the screen.

If you choose a reloadable card, you must load any amount of cash onto it straight away, which will be deducted gradually. For example, one ride on the metro or city bus costs 0,40 azn.

Inside the bus, you only need to attach the card to the reader when you board. In the metro, the card is attached to the turnstile.

Current ticket prices and detailed information:


There are always a large number of taxi drivers outside the terminal and sometimes inside the terminal, inviting you to take a ride. The price is negotiable and unfortunately it is very common for the prices to be several times higher for tourists than for locals.

We highly recommend using the Bolt mobile app, which is very popular in Baku. The normal price from the airport to downtown Baku via Bolt is between 7 azn and 13 azn depending on current demand.

The price for a regular taxi does not usually go below 30 azn.

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