Winair baggage

Winair, Twin Otter, Saba Airport

Winair automatically carries only small hand luggage free of charge. Checked baggage is charged or free only at the highest fare.

Carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage is carried free of charge on all flights. The dimensions are not strictly defined, but the luggage must always fit under the seat in front of you, which means, especially on Twin-Otter flights, only a small backpack.

In addition to your regular hand luggage, you can carry your handbag/pocket/umbrella/photo camera for free.

You must never take a wheeled suitcase on board and it will always be checked in at the counter behind 15 usd.

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Checked baggage

With the exception of the most expensive Full-Flex fare, checked baggage is never included in the ticket price.

You can purchase checked baggage during the ticket purchase process or later at the airport when you check in at a higher price.

Checked baggage may not exceed 23 kg in weight.

  • 1. baggage - 10 usd online / 15 usd at the airport
  • 2nd baggage - 40 usd online / 45 usd at the airport
  • 3rd baggage - 90 usd online / 95 usd at the airport

Baggage for children

A pushchair is always carried free of charge in the luggage compartment.

Children over 2 years old have the same rules as adults.

Children under 2 years old can always check in free of charge up to 10 kg, but are not entitled to any hand luggage.

Sports equipment

Normal sports equipment such as golf clubs or diving equipment has no special rules and counts as normal checked-in baggage according to the above fees.

Bicycles are carried for a fee 50 usd.

Surfboards cannot be carried due to the limited baggage capacity of small aircraft.

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