Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Everything you need to know before flying with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines in-flight services

Krystof Hajek updated 13. 9. 2023

Singapore Airlines is renowned for its good service. You'll get at least one free hot meal on every flight.

On all routes, you can enjoy a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music or games via screens in every seat.

Wifi is set up on the planes, pay as you go, either by data on the A350 or by time on the A380. You pay $6.99 for 15 MB or $11.95 for 1 hour.

Seats can be booked in advance through the airline's website if you bought your ticket directly from the airline's website, or through the company's official Facebook page - free on "non-action" tickets. You can also select a seat when you check in online.

Singapore Airlines operates some of the best first class in the sky, especially on the Airbus A380. Passengers enjoy the comfort of their own "compartments".

Take advantage of the free S$40 vouchers issuedduring your layover in Singapore. Pick up your voucher at the iShopChangi Collection centres in Terminal 2 or 3. Find out more about airline benefits during your layover.

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