Motor Sich Airlines in a nutshell

Sich Yak 40 engine

Motor Sich Airlines is a small Ukrainian airline operating an interesting mix of aircraft types, which makes it very attractive to aviation enthusiasts. It mostly flies older Antonov An-24 propeller aircraft, but also has one more modern Antonov An-140 in its fleet, and then two types that attract enthusiasts the most: Yakovlev Yak-40 and the very rare Antonov An-72. Unfortunately, it is almost never possible to determine exactly which type will fly on which route. The airline deploys them operatively according to availability or current maintenance.

Motor Sich is based at Zaporozhye airport, but most flights are operated from the city's Kiev-Zhulyany airport.

Motor Sich Airlines
IATA code
Country of origin
12. 03. 1984

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