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Everything you need to know before flying with Korean Air

Korean Air in-flight services

Krystof Hajek updated 13. 10. 2023

Passengers will receive a free hot meal on all routes (light snacks on domestic services).

On long-distance lines, you can use free personal screens to watch movies, TV shows, listen to music or play games of your choice.

You can choose your favourite seat for free when you buy your ticket.

When connecting

Korean Air will offer a free hotel on connecting flights for transit passengers whose flights are not connecting . Transfer to/from the hotel and breakfast are always included, and you will be accommodated in a 4* or 5* facility near the airport. Economy class passengers must meet several conditions:

  • The transfer time must be longer than 12 hours,
  • There must be no other Korean Air connections between flights,
  • The ticket must be issued on Koren Air (the first three numbers of the electronic ticket are "018"),
  • You must request a hotel from your ticket reseller (Student Agency, Airline, etc...), if you book directly through Korean Air's website, then email mohnesorg@koreanair.com or contact Korean Air's call center,
  • For economy class passengers, accommodation can only be provided once for the entire trip. So if you have a layover longer than 12 hours both ways, you can only use the free hotel of your choice once.

For layovers longer than 3 hours and less than 24 hours, free sightseeing can also be availed . There are five different tours with durations ranging from one to five hours. Visit the "Transit desk" on the second floor where everything will be arranged. For more information, visit the airport website.

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