Eznis Airways baggage

Eznis Airways A330

Eznis Airways always allows passengers to carry 2 pieces of hand luggage free of charge. Carriage of checked baggage is based on the fare selected.

The following table provides a clear comparison of baggage allowances depending on the selected fare:

Tariff Cabin baggage Checked baggage
EZ Bird 55x40x20 cm + personal item for a fee 70 usd
EZ Deal 55x40x20 cm + personal item 15 kg
EZ Flex 55x40x20 cm + personal item 20 kg
EZ Plus 55x40x20 cm + personal item 2x 20 kg
EZ Boss 55x40x20 cm + personal item 3x 25 kg

Hand luggage

You can take 2 pieces of hand luggage on board Eznis Airays flights free of charge. One larger one with a maximum size of 120 cm in total, e.g. 55 x 40 x 20 cm , and a smaller one in the form of a handbag or small backpack.

The weight of both pieces of hand luggage is limited to 10 kg in total.

If the hand luggage does not meet these limits, it will have to be checked in for a fee 70 usd.

Checked baggage

Passengers can check in their baggage free of charge according to the above table, one piece weighing 15 kg or 20 kg, or 2 or even 3 pieces of baggage weighing up to 25 kg each.

If you have purchased tickets in the lowest price category, you do not have baggage included in the ticket price. However, you can buy it for 70 usd with a maximum weight of 25 kg. The maximum number of luggage per person is strictly limited to 3 pieces.

Strollers for children

If you are travelling with small children, you are automatically entitled to free carriage of both a pushchair and a car seat or travel cot.

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