Emirates in-flight services


Refreshments are offered free of charge and there is usually a choice of 2-3 hot meals. The portions are tasty and filling. Drinks, including alcoholic beverages, are available throughout the flight - don't be shy to ask and follow the drinking regime for long-haul flights. Be careful with alcohol so you don't disturb fellow passengers.

The best on-board entertainment system called "ICE" will keep youentertained. There are dozens of films on offer, including those just coming to Czech cinemas, and plenty of TV series and music albums.

In-flightwifi internet access is also available free of charge. The limit is 20 Mb, which you have 2 hours to use up. This can then be increased to 500 Mb for only $15.99, or to 150 Mb for $9.99.

Dubai Connect

Emirates Airlines offers free accommodation during your connection with Dubai Connect.

Dubai Connect must be booked at least 24 hours prior to arrival in Dubai. The service applies to all passengers regardless of class of travel, but subject to a minimum transfer duration.

To qualify for a free hotel, your flight must have a layover of between 8 and 26 hours. However, it must also be the fastest connection offered by the airline.

If there is an earlier flight that can be made, but you are on a later flight, then you will not be offered a free hotel. Similarly, it may be that the shortest connection between two destinations is, for example, 9 hours, but your flight has a connection time of 12 hours. Again, you will not be entitled to a hotel as you are not flying with the shortest possible connection.

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