Corendon Airlines baggage

Corendon Airlines

Corendon Airlines is one of the airlines that keep free baggage options to a minimum. If you search for the cheapest airfare, be prepared to have only personal items included.

For a simplified overview of baggage on Corendon Airlines, see the table below:

Tariff Personal item Carry-on baggage Checked baggage
Promo 1x 3kg - -
ECO - 1x 8kg -
FLEX 1x 3kg 1x 8kg 1x 23kg
PREMIUM 1x 3kg 1x 8kg 2x 20kg
Children up to 2 years - - 1x 10kg

The above information applies only to separately purchased tickets. If you have a charter flight with Corendon Airlines organised by a tour operator, conditions may vary and you must follow the tour conditions.

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Hand luggage

According to the table above, it is clear that not everyone will be entitled to the same number and type of luggage. You will have standard hand luggage in the base price of the ECO fare. However, if you're lucky enough to purchase the cheapest tickets on the Promo fare, you'll only have a personal item included. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Hand luggage: 55 x 40 x 25 cm (weight 8 kg)
  • Personal item: 40 x 30 x 15 cm (weight 3 kg)

In the Promo fare you have the option to purchase a larger hand luggage during booking for approx. 10 eur or checked luggage from 25 eur depending on weight. If you do not require more additional services, it is worth buying the cheapest tickets and then buying additional luggage if necessary, rather than buying tickets at a higher fare.

You can add baggage to your booking at

Checked baggage

Checked baggage is not included in the ticket price as standard. It is only included on the more expensive FLEX and PREMIUM fares. However, you can also purchase baggage on cheaper fares at any time up to check-in.

The price of checked baggage is calculated by weight.

You can choose from 15 kg for 40 eur to 32 kg for 60 eur one piece and you can buy up to 9 pieces of luggage per person. See picture for price levels.

Strollers for children

Baby strollers are carried free of charge for all young children regardless of age. There is an option to carry only 1 piece, the others are already charged according to weight.

Children up to 2 years of age are entitled to carry checked baggage up to 10 kg.

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