Brussels Airlines flights

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is one of the cheaper European airlines and offers very convenient direct connections between Brussels and other destinations. You'll also find good value flights to destinations in Africa, where it has one of the densest networks of any European airline.

We recommend buying tickets directly from, but ideally compare prices with competing airlines first, for example on

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Ticket prices

It is usually no problem to find return tickets to Brussels from anywhere in Europe around 100 eur. For connecting flights to the Canary Islands, for example, around 160 eur and to African destinations around 400 eur.

It is best to purchase 2 to 3 months before departure within Europe and 3 to 5 months before departure for non-European destinations.


As mentioned above, the Brussels Airlines destination list can be focused on Europe, North America and Africa.

The USA is served by New York and Washington DC, while in Europe the destinations include mainly major cities and major resorts. In Africa, almost the entire south-west coast from Dakar to Ouagadougou to Luanda...

Route map

The best overview and list of destinations can be found on the route map, which can be viewed together with prices at

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