Azores Airlines flights

Azores Airlines aircraft at Ponta Delgada Airport

Tickets with Azores Airlines via the website. As Azores Airlines also works with other airlines, we also recommend using the seller comparison via search engine, where you can always select by clicking through to the airline's website.

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When to buy tickets and prices

Airfare prices with Azores Airlines are dependent on availability. The busier the flight, the higher the price tends to be, which is especially the case on long-haul flights to the USA, Canada and continental Europe.

Fares are quite high and return flights from the Azores to America are on average priced between 800 eur and 2 000 eur.

Direct flights from Ponta Delgada to Frankfurt, Paris or Milan usually cost between 400 eur and 600 eur.

The cheapest tickets can be purchased on routes between the Azores and mainland Portugal, where there is the most competition, and a return ticket to Lisbon or Porto can be purchased from around 150 eur.

Fare classes

Tickets are sold in 4 economy class fares and 2 Comfort fares.

Business class Comfort with comfortable reclining seats and ample service is only available on Airbus A321LR aircraft deployed mainly on flights to the USA and Canada.

  • Simple - Hand baggage only, change of ticket from 100 eur + surcharge up to fare
  • Basic - Hand baggage and checked baggage, change of ticket from 40 eur + surcharge up to fare
  • Flex - carry-on and checked baggage, change of ticket from 40 eur + up to fare, cancellation with refund (cancellation fee from 65 eur)
  • Top - Carry-on and 2 checked bags, change of ticket at no charge, cancellation with refund (no fee)

Destinations and route map

Azores Airlines' current route map can be found at:

The airline flies direct flights from the following airports to the following destinations:

  • Ponta Delgada PDL - Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Frankfurt, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, London, Bilbao, Boston, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Praia
  • Terceira TER - Lisbon, Porto, Boston, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Oakland
  • Horta HOR - Lisbon
  • Pico PIX - Lisbon
  • Santa Maria SMA - Lisbon
  • Porto OPO - Ponta Delgada, Terceira, Boston, New York, Toronto
  • Funchal FNC - Boston, New York, Toronto
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