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Azores Airlines flights

Krystof Hajek updated 14. 11. 2023

The cheapest Azores Airlines tickets can be bought about 3 months before departure, but the price differences are significantly lower compared to other airlines, but overall the airline's tickets are relatively expensive, except for those on the highly competitive route from Lisbon to the Azores.

Azores Airlines operates direct long-haul flights from both Ponta Delgada and Lisbon to cities in America with a strong Portuguese minority, namely Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Providence and Oakland. Flights between the different Azores islands are operated by the parent SATA Air Acores.

Free flights within the Azores

Upon arrival from the rest of Portugal (mainland and Madeira), you are entitled to a free return ticket to any of the Azores islands. The flights are operated by SATA Air Acores, so for more information please visit their website.

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